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Redefining the Art of Stylistic Self-Expression
Young LA Designer Unveils Edgy New Line; Hopes to Inspire Others

LOS ANGELES, CA – Monday, March 7, 2005: Enterprising young designer, Lindsay Stewart, today announced the launch of Maxwell Hudson, Inc.'s latest collection. The new line is an edgier departure from her debut collection of whimsical sequined tees and tanks, but still captures Stewart's trademark feminine flair. Stewart has also expanded the collection to include sexy sweats, hoodies, and tunics, all accented with artistic TLC. The new line is currently available at select boutiques in the Seattle and Los Angeles area and in Ella Belles stores throughout Texas, and can be viewed or purchased at

"Maxwell Hudson embodies a chic philosophy of independence and self-expression, because I truly believe that women turn to their wardrobe as another extension of who they are and what they're interested in," said Stewart. "With this line, I wanted to capture the increased blurring of lines between casual and couture, punk rock and prep. Each piece brings a modern touch to classic feminine shapes, and can be worn to suit the occasion, whether it's cute and cozy with flip-flops or sneakers, or all-out glam with wild jewelry and stilettos. Whatever the case, the message is, indisputably, look at me, now."

After a successful launch in the Los Angeles a year ago, Stewart, 24, decided to bring the collection back to her home town of Centralia, Washington, in an effort to branch into different markets. The success of the line there, and the edgier dynamic of the Pacific Northwest, fueled Stewart's creative momentum, and inspired her to bring even more of a rock n' roll spirit to her latest collection. Her new line features hand-dyed sweat-suits with unfinished edges and hand-painted accents, fitted hoodies with vibrant graffiti, and colorful racerback tunics garnished with sequined and hand-painted funk. Fashionistas can also choose from the signature selection of boybeaters crafted from an on-hand collection of new or vintage sequined appliqués, ranging from glittering skull and crossbones, to bucking broncos, to a kitschy ode to trailer park life that boasts "I love my RV". Each hand-crafted piece features the Maxwell Hudson hallmark - an amethyst colored, diamond-shaped stone in a silver setting.

Created in honor of her son, Maxwell Hudson, Stewart gave up the office life to pursue her true passion - clothing and design. In its second year, the line has grown from independently hosted trunkshows and private gatherings, to several major boutiques, closing the first year well above anticipated margins.

"The greatest inspiration to a young person is the drive and success of another young person," continued Stewart. "I hope to do more than just add personality to women's wardrobes. My goal is also to motivate other young men and women to get out there and do it - whatever it might be. Sometimes following your dreams is daunting, but as Queen Jeanne D'albret once said, 'nothing is impossible to a valiant heart.'"

About Maxwell Hudson, Inc.
Based in Los Angeles, CA, Maxwell Hudson, Inc. was started in January, 2004 in celebration of the birth of designer Lindsay Stewart's son. The collection features a wide range of whimsical designs using 100% cotton pieces made completely custom with individually hand-painted and hand-stitched accents and adorned with new and vintage appliqués, as well as custom pieces made to order. No two Maxwell Hudson pieces are alike. Each is hand crafted with love, imagination, and stylistic intuition. For more information, please visit

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